Thirty seconds before having this terrible ideaDid I perhaps encourage her ?Something hit me the 30 Jul 08 at 4.03 PMI was looking for a date on the cornerHello lipton yellowYou know I love to make some connections, honeyWhat she needs is a LullabyHe never knew mini l'ourson1From which window won't you throw an other bomb ?Why they call it "it" - I don't knowLast day, the devil stood at the foot of his bedI've got a feeling I don't want to knowLook at all your friends that she's gonna loveShe will never give her fiveflyeyeI murdered that Knoxville girlIn this car, her last hope.I don't like to feel my limitationsLike a bird, you know she would fly : what can you do ?I was born, then I cried.mosaic * lisboa